Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Deflasking is not always exciting

I recently deflasked a group of Phal. mannii seedlings from Woodstream Orchids that supposedly come from a very dark form. It was expensive but with a description like that I couldn't pass it up. Plus there was one very big seedling in the flask (as you can see at left). It is basically big enough to bloom for the first time already.

Unfortunately, it was not all beer and skittles in that 500mL flask...see below.

*Shakes Fist!

(Please note, they didn't look like this when I bought the flask back in late winter/early spring at the MOS show.)

About half of my prize are sporting what look like half dead roots. They're still attached, but they're a suspicious combination of off coloring and slightly translucent appearance. I'm concerned the little brats are going to die. Plus, of course, there are the many dead leaves and a few outright dead plants.

I deflasked the little buggers in a hurry when I noticed the browning from the outside looking in. I'm not sure what happened. Maybe there was some toxicity response from being in the flask maybe a little too long. Maybe it heated up and cooked a few. This is the price I pay for procrastinating while I debated if they would come out and get typical treatment in a compot of sphagnum, or if I would be creative and slap them on mounts or in some aggregate mix. Dang.

At least there's several plants that will live, and some that might make it if their roots recover or they grow new ones in a hurry.

They better be cool when they bloom! *Shakes fist some more


swamprad said...

Well, you did manage to get some great looking plants out of the flask. I admire you for buying flasks, I haven't quite got that much courage, not just yet. But I'd love a flask of Paph. niveum or bellatulum to raise up. Can't get enough of those brachys...

SapphireChild said...

I have been collecting niveums to my dungeon recently. Perhaps in 2-3 years I can hook you up.