Wednesday, July 2, 2008

In Bloom: Paph. Pinocchio

Paph. PinocchioPaph. Pinocchio is probably *the* plant for people who don't have much space but want lots of flowers. It is sequentially blooming, one flower lasting 2-4 weeks until it is replaced by a new one, so only one flower on an inflorescence is open at a time usually. But this process can go on for months even in young plants. It is not uncommon for older, larger plants to basically be in bloom non-stop, replacing old, bloomed out spikes with fresh ones as time goes by.

Its pretty easy to grow, basically the same way you would a phalaenopsis with 1-2 hours of early morning or late evening sun in average home temperatures.

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swamprad said...

Nice profile shot of Pinocchio. I do love the cochlos. I've been wanting a nice plant of mouquettianum, supposedly the largest flowered cochlo. My Pinocchio just sent up a second spike, but it dove back down toward the earth, and is putting out flowers upside down, near the level of the bench!? I guess it's time to hone my staking skills...