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Basic Culture and Introductory Articles

In this article you will learn about growing one of the most popular orchid types, the Phalaenopsis. Most Phalaenopsis hybrids are beginner friendly, and make good choices for gifts and starter plants.

You can grow orchids! There's one out there for every environment, so there must be one for you too. This article will give you a brief overview of orchid diversity as well as a guide to picking your first plant.

How To Articles

In which you will learn a very important skill - repotting. The technique is a little different for orchids, and while this article focuses on Paphiopedilums, the basic idea is the same for all orchid types.

In which you will learn how to mount your epiphytic orchids for a unique display.

In which you will learn how to differentiate orchid flowering spikes early from ordinary roots.

In which you will learn how to pry your orchids off the wall, thus stemming their progress toward world domination.

The Orchid Medical Journal (Plant Geek M.D.)

Sooner or later every orchid grower has something croak. The trick of orchid growing is: learn to identify problems early so that you may save the plant, and at the very least, learn from your mistakes. This article gives an overview of some common ailments with possibly the most popular orchid genus, the Phalaenopsis.

Expanding on the article above, this article goes in-depth on the issue of root rot, easily the most common ailment among pot-grown orchids. It is characterized superficially by poor performance and a limp-looking plant. Learn how to diagnose, treat, and prevent the issue in this article.

Random Ideas for the Plant Geek

For the geeks among you who can work a hammer and are bent on growing everything mounted.

For the geeks among you who are willing to break free of the status quo.

Flasking and Seedling Development

What does orchid seed look like and how I handle it.

Horribly nifty images of germinating seed.

Even more horribly nifty images of germinating seed.

In which we learn about one thing that can go wrong when germinating seed.

In which we learn about the realities of making orchid crosses and seeing them come to fruition.