Sunday, July 20, 2008

Visit to Parkside Orchids

Next weekend is the Parkside annual Orchid Fest, where they invite several other vendors to come and have a little fiesta-like sale. Parkside does hold regular open hours throughout the year, but it is extra incentive for those who have never been to make the trek. Their field is full of cars first thing Saturday morning. Its an impressive crowd.

This year, ogecko and I decided to visit the weekend before when they'll be both nice and stocked up and not quite so packed out with people. It makes for a more mellow shopping experience. Below are a few photos of things you might find in Parkside's greenhouses if you go next week.

Podangis dactyloceras
There were a few cute little Podangis dactyloceras among several very attractive looking Phal. parishii which were very very tempting, but I resisted.

Promenea (Limelight x stapelioides)
Several nice looking Promeneas, including this Promenea (Limelight x stapelioides), which produce very large flowers for the plant size.

Paph. superbiens var. curtisii
This is Paph. superbiens var. curtisii, and this one I bought because it was the least reflexed one I've ever seen. It looks fully open and stretched, so I'm gambling that it won't reflex later. There were other plants of this there too.

Paph. Becky Fouke
A nice little population of Paph. Becky Fouke.

Paph. Armeni White
A few nice plants of Paph. Armeni White. Flowers were of good size.

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swamprad said...

Awesome! There are no orchid nurseries nearby, so I envy you! I've expanded my collection by buying wholesale from Hawaii, great plants, cheap, but you have to buy in quantity and they don't have the coolest of the cool, usually! Just semi cool, which is still pretty darn cool, if you know what I mean! Then there was the aged collector a few hours south, having to sell off his collection of multifloral paphs....I bit bigtime, about 25 plants worth. They are awesome. Check out my blog to see Paph. Yellow Tiger!