Monday, March 17, 2008

Traditions by Debbie Mumm - UPDATE

A while back I wrote a yarn review of Transitions by Debbie Mumm. At the time I was not very satisfied with the yarn. I'm still not excited about its noodley ways, but it is soft and subtly colored. A number of other Ravelry users have also commented about this yarn's crankiness, but many more have pressed on to create very nice things with it. I decided to be brave, put aside my bias, and go for it.

And so yesterday I finished these fingerless mittens. They're yummy soft! Also, in honor of the EtsyFAST March Fairy Tale Challenge I've named them for The Snow Queen. Don't they remind you of shadows on the snow in mid-January? ooo...chilly!! Quick, grab your gloves! :)

The yarn did continue to be slightly irritating, but you just keep pushing the squiggle down the line, smoothing the section you're knitting with as you go. If it gets too bad, cut it and re-attach a smooth section.

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