Monday, March 10, 2008

2008 Maryland Orchid Society Show

A selection of things I felt compelled to photograph at this year's MOS Show and Sale, held this past weekend.

The display prepared by Steve and Rachel Adams and a closeup of their Paph. delenatii group below.

Paph. delenatii

Phal. gigantea 'Penns Creek'
An impressive specimen of Phal. gigantea 'Penns Creek' grown by Woodstream Orchids.

Paph. Julius x stonei
Paph. micranthum
Lycaste Shoal Haven
Left to right: Paph. Julius x stonei, Paph. micranthum, and Lycaste Shoal Haven. All presented by Fishing Creek Orchids.

Paph. chamberlainianum var. latifolium
Dtps. (Taisuco Jewel x King Magic)

A nice example of Paph. chamberlainianum var. latifolium shown by Patti Kelt, and an interesting hybrid phal, Dtps. (Taisuco Jewel x King Magic), shown by Eric Wiles & Becky Weiler. Yes, it was pretty red.

Paph. hainanense
An elegant group of Paph. hainanense and some appletonianum grown by The Little Greenhouse. Little Greenhouse always makes a fantastic display, getting a little pile of awards, trophies, and AOS awards for their trouble.

Epidendrum conopseuimEpidendrum conopseuim grown by David Smith. I learned at the show that this species is the most cold hardy North American epiphytic orchid, growing as far north as South Carolina. That's inside zone 7!

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