Monday, January 18, 2010

New and Improved CAT TV!

Some of you may remember CatTV, the original.

Well, now we have the NEW and IMPROVED programming! IN HD (Hoppity Def)!

In the original series, we had Fritz, the German Angora (with really really bad haircut), and his sort-of nemesis, Hawkeye. In a not very exciting conclusion, they became friends and Fritz moved to a bigger cage.

In our new season, Fritz' kids are being observed by Hawkeye's compatriots.

Ha, ok. We have baby angora rabbits. For more on the babies, see November Air. They'll be ready for new homes around Valentine's Day! Please let me know if you'd like a little bunny! :)


M.M.E. said...

Haha. That's adorable!!

Etsy Studios said...

So cute. Great blog!