Sunday, January 31, 2010

In Bloom: Paph. lowii cross

Paph. victoria-regina x lowii
Paph. victoria-regina x lowiiOn the top is my Paph. (victoria-regina x lowii) which has actually been blooming off and on for a few months. P. lowii is multifloral, and P. victoria-regina is a sequential bloomer related to glaucophyllum, liemianum, and moquetteanum. The hybrid, registered in 1997 as Paph Sandy's Wild Turkey, seems to have inherited the sequential blooming aspect of VR, along with the giant plant aspect of lowii. Although, I suppose VR isn't exactly a mini either, but the plant looks more like lowii. I purchased it at Parkside Orchids in the summer of 2008 as a seedling. The second photo shows the plant that was the example plant at Parkside when I bought mine. I think I chose well - I like mine more. :) Score!

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