Sunday, May 17, 2009

2009 SEPOS Show, Fantastic Dendrobiums

Dend. lindleyiIn line with my increasing fascinating with Dendrobiums, I spent a good deal of time examining the selections at the SEPOS show this year. There were many interesting and well grown plants, what follows is just a selection of highlights. We'll start with this beautiful specimen of Dend. lindleyi. This is a fairly compact growing species, but as you can see, does increase in overall size dramatically at flowering time.

Dend. Oliver Jack
Another densely flowered specimen was this Dendrobium (a.k.a. Dockarilla) Oliver Jack "Gerard". A very attractive tuft of a plant.

Den. Tie Dye
A very adorable Den. Tie Dye.

Dendrobium discolor
Dendrobium discolor, a rather tall species with very unusual twisty, ruffled, rusty-color flowers on long sprays.

Dendrobium harveyanum
Dendrobium harveyanum, with very cool fimbriate flowers.

Dend. Julie SkillicornThis Dendrobium Julie Skillicorn was quite fascinating. It was hung in a spot where I suspect it might be overlooked by some, but it is something certainly worth admiring and probably growing if you get a chance. I'd like to get one! It was in a rather small basket that was overflowing with long, needle like leaves arranged in a chain fashion, with a generous seasoning of upside-down flowers.


Avis said...

They are breathtaking. Do you grow your own? Are they good for beginners? I want to try to grow some orchids inside next fall/winter... Cheers!

SapphireChild said...

Hello Avis!

I do grow many of my own, but the ones you see in this particular post were not grown by me. I vary between posts about my plants and posts about the orchid shows I've been to.

I posted an introduction to orchids on another blog, perhaps you might find it useful:

Have fun!

SapphireChild said...

Sorry, in answer to your other question, yes, some are good for beginners. The best thing to do is ask questions of the grower you buy your first plants from. Tell them what type of light, etc. your window has to offer and ask what kinds of things you can grow there.