Tuesday, April 7, 2009

In Bloom: Two Dischidia Species

Dischidia hirsuta 'Red Leaf'Dischidia nummulariaTop: Dischidia hirsuta 'Red Leaf'.
No fragrance that I can detect, but it only has one open flower right now.
Bottom: Dischidia nummularia (variegated).
Flowers on this one smell like a cut rose that is past it's peak.
Flowers on both are approximately 1/4 inch.

Dischidias are generally easy, rewarding species to grow, and may be kept easily among your orchids in low to medium light. These plants have been kept among the phalaenopsis seedlings under fluorescent light (2 bulbs, approx 8 inches from plant). They are epiphytic vines which are easily rooted in pots of sphagnum or frequently watered mounts. Most of them are also very quick growers, twining around all kinds of things, but the variegated nummularia above has been a little slower for me.


oblinaknit said...

these are beautiful Julia!

natasha said...

just wanted to let you know that i just found your blog, and it is amazing! it has so much useful information about orchids (ie, spike vs. root, repotting, etc.). keep up the good work!

SapphireChild said...

Thanks very much Natasha! It always makes me happy to know I've helped someone with their plants. :)
Happy spring!