Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dendrobium species culture

Hi folks, just ran across this page giving an overview of Dendrobium species culture based on group, and wanted to share. There are a lot of cool Dendrob's out there, but they can vary greatly. This might give you a good starting point, from which you can research more individual species and groups. The one thing it says that I'm not sure I agree with is "medium to high light" for Latoria species. Even here on the East coast I've seen latoria hybrids burn in higher light. I keep them in phalaenopsis level light with no problems. Latorias are great by the way! :) The photo above is one I currently have available in my shop. (There will be more soon if they don't all sell at market!)

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:~}Lyn said...

Having grown 1000's of these,both species and hybrids
there are latouria species that grow in full unoprotected sun ... more important is they need to be continuously moist when in bright light and then less water when the intensity of fall sun arrives ... fertilizing in winter will burn the roots which will definitely set plants back ... low light will stress them and they will never bloom to full potential
... :~}L