Monday, February 9, 2009

In Bloom: Phalaenopsis Zuma's Pixie 'Taida'

Phal. Zuma's Pixie 'Taida'
Ahh...I think we can officially declare phalaenopsis blooming season "open". While I have a couple plants in bloom most any time of the year, February through April is usually the peak season. There's stuff in bud just everywhere and new flowers opening every day. I just love spring!

Today I have a classic miniature to show you - Phal. Zuma's Pixie. This is the clone 'Taida'. The cross is one of the greats of miniature or sweetheart phalaenopsis breeding. Bred out of Carmela's Pixie and equestris, it has masses of ~1 inch flowers, usually on branched spikes, all on a compact plant. This is a youngster, but even this one has a little branch on its spike (but you can't really see it in the photo).

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