Sunday, February 1, 2009

In Bloom: Phalaenopsis amabilis

I think Phalaenopsis amabilis (aka rimestadiana) is an under-appreciated species. I assume it is overlooked due to its similarity to the over produced "big white phalaenopsis". My plant is a compact, stout growing plant with lovely, shiny, and thick leaves and strong roots. The species produces a strong inflorescence with tiled flowers, and on occasion you might find a plant with fragrant flowers.

The species is easy to grow either mounted or potted. It is adaptable to a wide range of light conditions and therefore an excellent houseplant, appropriate for all levels of orchid growers.

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swamprad said...

You are so right. Amabilis is breathtakingly beautiful. I was visiting a friend recently, and he has a huge plant blooming with multiple spikes. The funny thing is that it won an HCC last year, but he didn't pay the fee to record it -- he believes it's AM quality and he's going to keep showing it until it wins. Hahahaha, I'd take the HCC and thank my lucky stars! And then, today, I visited another friend's greenhouse, and guess what she sent home with me? A small amabilis in bloom. 'Tis the season for phals...