Monday, February 23, 2009

In Bloom: Clivia x crytanthiflora and Phal. cross

Hey plant fans! I'm still up, should be sleeping. (details!...)

But I do have a lovely Clivia xCrytanthiflora to show you. This is a natural hybrid clivia between the two speices miniata and nobilis. I must say, I'm quite partial to the tube shaped clivia flowers. I've had this plant for a little over a year. It gets pretty low light (as in, equivalent to what an African violet might enjoy), and rather infrequent waterings as I grow stuff on the somewhat dry side. It is in a large clay pot with a media consisting of a high percentage of coir fiber, my preferred component for Clivia plants.

Also happening this weekend is the first of the Phal. (San Luca x Minstral's Pixie Prelude) plants finally opened a flower. They say "A watched pot never boils." Similarly, a watched orchid takes FOREVER to bloom. ::shakes fist:: I'd say my first impression is its quite a nice hybrid though. Those in spike have nice, stout spikes with fat buds. I don't know yet if they'll all follow this one with crystalline white background and a fine purple-pink netting overlay, but I suspect they will be similar. Great young plants!

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swamprad said...

Both are quite nice! Bravo!