Friday, July 26, 2013

Eggs, fresh off the lawn

Continuing with the eat local theme, thought I'd share how the first eggs from our spring chickens were enjoyed.

This is the contents of only 6 eggs from our young hens.  Count the yolks.  I actually cracked 6 eggs and three of them were twins!  And none of these was a normal sized egg - young hens lay small eggs when they first start out.  Only fitting, they're not yet full size hens.  But to see so many twins?!

These eggs were scrambled, seasoned with cracked black pepper, salt, garlic, tarragon, and smoked spanish paprika.  I believe there may also have been some cheese involved, but I don't remember what cheese.  Likely something aged and slightly ripe.  They were then fried up in a generous amount of butter on an iron skillet, and served with carrots and kale from the garden, as well as a generous slab of heirloom tomato from the local market, all piled on a gluten free rice tortilla.

mmmm....  After taking the picture I decided it needed a little dijon mustard too.  I like the Annie's dijon - a little saucy, but not overly horseradish-y flavored.

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