Sunday, July 7, 2013

Eat Local Challenge

No posts for months and two in one day?  Yeah, I know, sorry about that.
This one has a community type motive.  My friend JoannaSpring over at Knit Spin Farm is having her second-annual eat local "Eat-Along".  In this, viewers are challenged to eat something they grew or which was sourced from local farms.  Eating local is supporting your local farmer, a chance to know the source of your food and support small business, a chance to safeguard the foodshed and local knowledge about producing it.  It is many good things.

I'd suggest try to make at least some of every meal local foods.  You might find it is great fun to seek them out.  Find the local farmer's markets, farms which sell direct, pick-your-owns, co-ops and boutiques that sell local products.  Its not just fruits and veggies, either.  There are farms local to me which sell also fantastic honey, eggs from pasture-kept hens (and ducks!  OMG, duck eggs...), cow & goat & sheep dairy, meats of all sorts, herbs and flowers.

For my part, my half-assed garden will provide the bulk of the goods (by volume).  Fortunately for me, kale is easy to grow, and I always sow carrots even if I don't tend them.  I love root crops, harvesting them is like a treasure hunt.

This is a very easy eat-local / eat-from-the-garden.  We have here purple carrots in fresh kale from the garden, with some cheese and leftover sausage (from the grocery).  The dressing contains also fresh thyme and basil from the garden, with balsamic and coconut vinegar, aleppo pepper, black pepper, salt, garlic, ginger, olive oil.  Ta-da!

PS:  I highly recommend using raw kale in place of lettuce for all kinds of purposes.  It never gets gross and soggy, and is very filling.

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