Sunday, June 14, 2009

In Bloom: Paph. acmodontum and a Yellow Brachy

Paph. acmodontumThe top photo shows Paph. acmodontum, a very nice species with bright coloring and a vigorous style. Foliage is green-on-green variegated with a lot of gloss.

Paph. S. Gratrix x BiplaneThe second photo shows a selectively bred yellow Paphiopedilum from the brachypetalum section. This striking individual is Paph. (S. Gratrix 'Luna Amarillo' x Biplane 'Canary'). There are a few top notch breeders out there who are selecting for stronger color in brachypetalum hybrids, which all tend toward white. Al has a few seedlings of these breeding lines in his greenhouse and I just couldn't pass this one up. (There was another I snatched for me, but the flower was on the way out and I didn't photograph it.) This one has good size, its pretty flat, a clean pouch, pale sunshine yellow color. But the neatest feature is a little white spot on the top center of the dorsal sepal - its difficult to see in the photo. Hope it shows up again in future flowerings.

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