Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Featured Artist: A.W.E Shop

Hey fellow plant nerds.

We did the
Clarksburg Farmer's market this past weekend. It was an enjoyable market - food, veggies, herbies, crafts, live music, and more. We'll be there again selling orchids on 7/12/09, 8/9/09, 9/20/09, 10/11/09, and 11/1/09. The market is there every Sunday, but events vary. I really liked the music, wish that more of our days co-insided with live bands. Maybe they'll schedule some more to fill in the gaps.

Anyway, while we had plenty of plants to be shopped, what we lacked was a tent. Not for lack of ordering one though... Without the generosity of Deb at
AWEshop we and the plants would have fried! That's right, crispy, crispy critters. Deb saved the day by lending us her tent. THANK YOU DEB!!

Deb is primarily a jewelry designer, with some very nice work. She has a number of wire/metal work pieces that have a sleek and powerful, yet very feminine aire. I always admire the wire work because, having tried it, I know it is much harder than it looks. Overall style is organic, fluid, honest. Let me show you some of my favorites from her shop. Just click on the images for more information.

To see more about Deb and her work, check out her Etsy shop and blog.

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