Sunday, December 21, 2008

Update: Hippeastrum reticulatum seed pod

Back in October I reported on the blooming of my Hippeastrum reticulatum var striatifolium, which I hand pollinated at that time. Fortunately one flower took and managed to produce 4 fat seeds (top). I find this interesting because other Hippeastrum seeds I have handled are flat and papery. You can tell by looking at the seed pod, which is rather lovely inside, that there are ova for many more seeds. I'm not sure why we didn't get more seed, but it could have been poor self-compatibility, not ideal timing for pollination (ova or pollen getting old or not completely mature), or maybe its just not very fertile. But at least we got a few! I'll pop them in pots tomorrow morning and we'll see what happens.

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Leslie said...

That is the most bizarre and wild thing I've ever seen! I had no clue a hippeastrum seed pod looked like that. By the way, shipping after New Year's is fine. (I had no clue how to respond to you on Etsy!!)