Sunday, April 6, 2008

In Bloom: Phalaenopsis chibae and a Paph cross

Phal. chibaeWe're having a yellow themed "In Bloom" today. First off, one of my Phal. chibae seedlings has finally opened its cute little flowers. Observe their cuteness. It also has sort of a dusty fragrance like Phal. lobbii.

I'm waiting for my Phal lueddemanniana to open up then we'll have some fun with pollen. I've chosen that because I've seen photos of (tetraspis x chibae) = Donna Craig, and they're pretty cute. P. lueddemanniana and tetraspis are both in section zebrinae, so that suggests that genetics should be similar, but luedde. might offer more pink & heavier markings. We'll see!

Paph. Pine Glow x armeniacumThis one is Paph. (Pine Glow x armeniacum). It has sort of that odd shape that comes from crossing a parvisepalum type pouch with other pouch types, but that has an odd charm too. Plus, it looks like its going to be sequentially blooming like the Pine Glow parent.


swamprad said...

This cross has been named Wossner Goldegg. Mine bloomed a few months back, and was so beautiful, my favorite slipper of the season. Here's a link to a photo of mine:

SapphireChild said...

Wow, that's a nice one. I think I like yours better. :) It does look rather like a Pedro's Moon, though, which I think is a great cross.