Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In Bloom: Cirr. picturatum

Cirr. picturatumThis is Cirrhopetalum (or Bulbophyllum, depending on who you ask) picturatum. Its one of those that smells like old mushrooms. I've had this plant for around 6 years and I find that it grows easily, if somewhat slowly. It also blooms faithfully every spring, and puts up quite nicely with my tendency to underwater. I grow it intermediate to slightly cool, but it is supposedly a warm growing species. I love plants that aren't picky!


swamprad said...

Very nice indeed. I got my first bulbo a few months ago, a clone of Elizabeth Ann 'Buckleberry'. It seems very healthy and growing well, but haven't seen a bloom yet. There are several others that I want to try, including echinolabium and medusae. I especially like the fact that yours is not picky!

SapphireChild said...

Elizabeth Ann is a really nice hybrid. Good choice.

You know I LOVE the flowers of medusae, but it does not bloom for me. Not even when I shake my fist at it!