Friday, June 11, 2010

Baltimore Wildlife: Fledgling Kestrel

For a densely urban area, Baltimore has a pretty decent diversity of wildlife. Much of it is likely owing to the tree count and proximity to water, but just as many critters have adapted to the city itself. From our building in downtown Baltimore there is just such an example. For two years in a row, we have witnessed pairs of kestrels nesting in two different locations within 2 blocks of our building in the nooks and crannies offered by the old architecture of the city. I have on several occasions sat on this very balcony and watched them come and go, tending their chicks, sometimes witnessing one passing within ten feet as it buzzed past the building.

Yesterday evening, I got to meet the next generation. This handsome young fellow, a fledgling chick by the look of his still visible downy feathers peeking out all over his head and body, rested his wings for a while on the very balcony from which I often watch his parents. From inside the building I watched and snapped some cell phone photos to share.

Fledgling Kestrel in Baltimore, MD
Fledgling Kestrel in Baltimore, MD
Fledgling Kestrel in Baltimore, MD

Good luck, little buddy, and thanks for stopping by!


webb said...

There's a pair of peregrines who have nested for five or six years in downtown Richmond, Virginia, under similar circumstances. They chose a small balcony on the 25th floor of an office building. The business makes the balcony off limits every spring to help them raise their young. It's really neat to see what critters will do to adapt to and survive in the urban environment. Great photos you got!

Teresa said...

Wow! That is very cool to see. Thanks for sharing.