Monday, April 5, 2010

2010 SEPOS Show, Nifty Dendrobiums

Den. kingianum 'Karl Marx'Den. kingianum 'Big Foot' AM/AOSToday I'll show you a few of the Dendrobium selections at SEPOS this year. First off, we have two color varieties of a very cute, compact species: Den. kingianum 'Karl Marx' and Den. kingianum 'Big Foot' AM/AOS. Den. kingianum is typically fragrant and the plant compact in stature, but with spikes height is up to about 15 or 18 inches perhaps, and they can form large clumps. A large clump is of course rather impressive when in bloom. These two guys were exceptionally lovely. As much as this is often considered a 'common' species, not many people seem to grow it around here. Perhaps the appearance of these two at the show professes a coming increase in popularity.

Den. lingueformeDen. lingueforme foliageNext, a most interesting small species, Den. lingueforme displayed by Andy's Orchids. By the flowers I wouldn't be surprised if this one has been moved between genus' a few times. It was displayed in one of his trademark Wardian cases, stuffed to the gills with interesting little bits. Leaves on this guy are about an inch long, succulent and multicolored with the tactile characteristic of very fine grit sandpaper. He had a couple for sale. I snatched one up - couldn't resist such a weird looking thing.

Den. johannisWe'll finish out today with a Den. johannis. This is a rather tall plant topped by a spray of twisty, earthy flowers.

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swamprad said...

Lovely dendrobium photos, this genus is really grabbing me these days, lots of them blooming now. One exception is kingianum. Yes, another year with no kingianum blooms -- will try harder next year!