Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In Bloom: Bulbophyllum ambrosia

Bulbophyllum ambrosiaThe miniature species Bulbophyllum ambrosia is reported to be sweet smelling, some say 'like honey', but I must admit I found it more 'smelly' than 'sweet'. But it was at least fragrant.

This poor little plant gets a fair amount of abuse from me. Its a species that wants copious amounts of water and I just don't water it enough for it to be really happy (trying to change that, honest), but it muddles along and occasionally blooms for me. What a dutiful little plant. I divided it into several pieces after this blooming so hopefully will have some to share in a few months.
Many bulbophyllums and cirrhopetalums are moisture loving. At the same time, most of them like lower light conditions, like phalaenopsis light, so are easy to accommodate in many homes. If you like to water a lot, you might consider trying one of these species.


swamprad said...

Awesome bulbo! The stinkier the better, I say. Your plant stand for the mounted plants is great, similar to mine. I bought a garden wooden trellis stand, stapled metal fence to it, and put a HID at the top, and have tons of hanging plants on slabs on it. It's getting a little ridiculous around here. I have 500 orchids in the living room, I have to get a greenhouse before next fall. I have a screened in back porch that I plan to glass in and put polycarbonate on the roof for a conservatory this summer. My problem is that I can't resist new orchids. Last week in Hawaii I visited my wholesale supplier, met and made a contact for some awesome paphs, schlepped home a boxful on the plane including a NBS sanderianum and a lowii in bud. Might as well just give over to the orchidlust. btw, I get a kick out of your gmail tag lines, lol...

mork the delayer said...

After reading this I went over to the University of Washington greenhouse and took a look at all of their blooming Bulbophyllum. They had quite a few species.