Saturday, November 22, 2008

In Bloom: Paph wardii ...and seeds!

Paph. wardiiThis is the first of a group of Paph wardii seedlings to bloom. They're cute little guys. The flower has a natural spread of around 3 inches and great dark color on the petals and clear stripes on the dorsal sepal. Also has great foliage. I think it looks sorta like a Muppet though. I don't know what it is, just needs a couple eyeballs and it's all set.

Also today I did time at the table separating seeds from fluff. When you're in the right mood its not bad work. Just space out a little and it can be quite satisfying.

I cleaned seeds of Passiflora capsularis, edible chrysanthemum, and Thai basil. There are already P. capsularis seeds listed in the shop, but I'm deciding if I should keep the others or share. Have a little hair-brained idea of broadcasting assorted herb and wildflower seeds in a section of my yard to make a meadow.

Also, Fritz got half a haircut. Notice how much hair there is vs. how much rabbit there is. He looks kinda like a sea slug doesn't he?


Jess said...

hes still adorable

SapphireChild said...

Fritz appreciates your devotion. :)

Anna said...

Fritz is absolutely precious...I've been wanting an angora for the longest time. Once we have enough space to get out bunnies some friends, the next pair on our list is an angora and a lionhead (you can tell, I like poofy things).

Also, you'll be glad to know the plant we bought from you at Unusual Suspects is still alive and well. Thriving, even. ;)

SapphireChild said...

Hi Anna!

That's great news! :)

I'm enjoying Fritz. He's the first bunny I've ever had and has quite a funny personality. Also, he's litter trained now!