Monday, September 15, 2008

In Bloom: Phalaenopsis equestris alba

Phalaenopsis equestris var albaMain reason why Phal. equestris is cool: TONS of flowers. This is a first bloom seedling with a 3-way branched spike. I've seen some make 2 spikes like this. And they just go on and on, making new flowers. Many of the 'multifloral' hybrids have equestris somewhere in there history, contributing the multitude of flowers characteristic. This plant is about to join the ranks of pollen donors in my house.

Phal. equestris var albaThey are also a species that is prone to making keikis. An individual fan of leaves will stay relatively small, but as they mature and produce a mountain of keikis the plant can become quite impressive. Alternatively, you can remove the keikis and share them with your friends like so many summer squash! For more information on growing phalaenopsis, see this post.


swamprad said...

That's a great species, I want one! After many years of yawning over Phal species, I've lately seen the light. I have a hieroglyphica with 6 spikes in bud, a pulchra keikei with one bud about to open, and a cornu-cervi that is blooming and quite fetching. I really want a violacea. I have a friend who is line breeding hieroglyphica and I might be able to get another large blooming plant from him to trade -- interested?

SapphireChild said...