Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Be on the lookout for seed grenades!

This past weekend I mixed and packed seeds for EtsyPHAT's Guerrilla Gardening campaign. Guerrilla gardening is not a new concept, but we don't think it gets enough press. So we've set out to begin supporting the idea of randomly sprucing up neglected spaces, plus just the fun of planting seeds and seeing if they make it and how others react to the sudden appearance of veggies or flowers in what was recently a dirt pancake. For more information, checkout one of our member's great article in Etsy's Storque, as well as the EtsyPHAT blog. And also- be on the lookout for our seed packets! You might find one hanging out on a park bench, in a package you just got in the mail, or any number of other random places. Take them and find them a home where they can enhance your town!

Tomorrow I'm heading to FL for the Redland orchid festival and a general flowery tour. I'll make sure to post photos when I get back!

1 comment:

Floyd said...

yay! hey, i know some lonely dirt patches in Baltimore that could use a little livening... :D