Sunday, January 13, 2008

Today's Hybrid Attempt: Fun with Frozen Pollen!

Phal. Orchid World 'Brother'Phal. Taisuco Glory 'Fruit Loops'


Phal Orchid World 'Brother' x Taisuco Glory 'Fruit Loops'
I pollinated my Orchid World just this morning with frozen pollen from my Taisuco Glory. I've heard you can make crosses with frozen pollen, but this is the first time I've actually tried it. Hope it works!

Both of the parents are fragrant and have similar habit and good shape. No other criteria were used in selecting this pairing. I like fragrant. Lots of people like fragrant. Seems like a good idea to make fragrant plants.

Orchid World is Malibu Imp x Deventeriana, registered in 1984 according to RHS. It has 2 grandparents that are amboinensis, which is only sometimes fragrant, and one grandparent that is Luedde-violacea, which is certainly fragrant. Orchid world has a strong, sharp fragrance.
Taisuco Glory smells like fruit loops. Really. And it is very strong, especially in the morning. The hybrid is Brother Lawrence x Salu Spot. This is a rather complex parentage that I'm currently too lazy to trace completely. Basically, its a carefully constructed combination of amboinensis, venosa, lueddemaniana, probably violacea and some other stuff. I've had this particular plant for almost 7 years. I from Kensington Orchids back when they were in business.

The downside of this pairing is that flower count will be low per spike. But the flowers will be both glossy and long-lived in addition to their expected fragrance. At least, if the cross takes...

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